Mentoring. Youthful. Gifted. Intelligent. Respectful. Loving. Sisters

November 17, 2021

I attended two events hosted by MY GIRLS N RVA: I am Empowered and Boss Ladies. Wow….is an understatement to express my enthusiasm. Both events challenged me to step into my GREATER assignment. After I participated in Boss Ladies, I was informed that I was being selected for a promotion. I am able to reflect back to various teachings and sessions from “I am Empowered” and “Boss Ladies” as I move forward into my MANY assignments. Mrs. Carmela Thomas is an amazing Coach who truly care for all of her G.I.R.L.S (no matter what age). I love this organization and know that MY GIRLS N RVA will change your life.

Linette Johnson-Minns

M.Y (Mentoring Youthful)

G.I.R.L.S (Gifted, Intelligent, Respectful, Loving Sisters)

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