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Carmela Thomas

About Carmela Thomas

Carmela Thomas is the founder of MY GIRLS N RVA Inc., an organization that specializes in nurturing and mentoring girls (ages 11+) and women to become aware of their strength from within in an effort to achieve their fullest potential. Carmela possess a unique love for helping others.
Carmela desire to work on behalf of others began in middle school as she advocated for others in student government societies, volunteered at community outreach centers and church auxiliaries. It was through school/civic organizations, Carmela developed a deeper hunger and thirst on how to represent and advocate for individuals whom were underserved, had limited education or were unable to stand up for themselves in effort to gain justice or equality. With this vigor, Carmela attended Virginia State University (VSU), where she majored in Public Administration. As a Public Administration major, Carmela gained well-rounded experience in nonprofit management, public service and social outreach. Carmela immediately utilized her learned skills and joined forces with her peers to empower, strengthen and unite others for the common good throughout her college experience.
Determined to finish what she started and embark on new horizons, Carmela thought it best to further her education at Liberty University, where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Human Service Counseling, to fortify her knowledge, which equipped her with the necessary credentialing and opportunity to establish a business to educate, counsel, and empower individuals that God entrusts her to serve.

In regards to Carmela’s professional career, for the past thirty-five years, Carmela made it her mission to work in nonprofit and government organizations that would best serve her community. In 1999, Carmela began her career with the Department of Social Services where she worked in various capacities to ensure the financial and medical benefits of her clients.

Carmela currently works as a Senior Grievance Analyst for Anthem Medicaid, where she continues to educate and advise members of their insurance benefits. Carmela has volunteered for countless community service and political organizations feeding and clothing the homeless, mentoring children and families, life coaching women, providing endless compassion as a grief counselor and working the election polls as an officer of election.

Spiritually, Carmela has a heart for God’s promises and people. She believes God has designed and instilled her with the gift of compassion, unconditional love and a pure heart. Carmela has served on various auxiliaries and committees to assist meeting the needs of others. She serves a deaconess and is a devout prayer warrior. Carmela believes in Psalms 37:4, as this has been her driving force to keep her steady, unmovable as she abides in God’s word and prophetic work that God has equipped and entrusted for her to do.

Carmela greatest treasure is her family and friends. She is the oldest child of Milton and Mamie Tyson. Her sister and brother were her first playmates and cohorts. Carmela is a wife to Keith Thomas, a faithful mother to TyAona Connor, a doting mother in love to Milton Connor and a devoted grandmother to TyKwon and TyMir (aka her Kit Kat and Almond Joy). Carmela is friends to many whom she has connected to over her lifespan and still engages with most of her childhood friends. Carmela has a huge heart of gold and loves unconditionally.
Carmela spreads her genuine love and compassion everywhere she travels and often gives tirelessly of herself to meet the needs of others. Gifting, loving, supporting, empowering, promoting, mentoring and coaching are not a simple job or task yet for Carmela it is the intrinsic core of her existence.


To empower girls around the world to be G.I.R.L.S (Gifted, Intelligent, Respectful, Loving



To build a global network of girls that embraces their journey and who are willing to invest in other girls in communities they live and play.


Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Free, and Become You.

MY GIRLS N RVA, Inc. was established in 2017 to create an environment where girls can belong, be free to grow and blossom. Every girl has a dream to be great and make a difference in the world. For some girls there are many obstacles that they face on a day to day basis that distracts and cause their dream to be deferred.

MY GIRLS N RVA, Inc. structures an environment where dreams are possible. Our program utilizes confidence coaching to uplift and empower our girls with solution focused guidance. Action plans are developed to guide them as they discover who they are and what they choose to become as they venture through the stages of adolescence. It’s during these years many girls deal with fears, insecurities and peer pressure.

MY GIRLS N RVA, INC. believes girls can F.L.Y as they embrace our teachings to “First Love Yourself. So are you ready to soar? If so, we invite you to join us as we journey to make “your dreams, your reality”. So come to our community of girls to become your best version of your true self.

M.Y (Mentoring Youthful)

G.I.R.L.S (Gifted, Intelligent, Respectful, Loving Sisters)

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